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Single Origin. 

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Our Mission

 Coffee farm in Colombia

Coffee farm in Colombia

We're all proud of where we're from. No matter where you live, you always take a part of your hometown with you. Here in Fernie, we love where we live and we let the rest of the world know. We flaunt our mountain biking scars like war badges and gladly tell our stories of near misses with grizzly bears. The same holds true for people around the globe; everyone takes where they were born and raised as a piece of their identity. Here at Rooftop, our coffee is the same. Every bean brings its unique aromas depending on where it comes from. The local soil, altitude and climate all change the flavours in a cup. Just like us, our coffees are proud of where they’re from, so why shouldn’t we let them brag? That’s why we only roast single origin coffees; we let the coffee speak for itself, by itself.  By serving each coffee on it’s own, we allow them to showcase their country, region and farm of origin. When you drink Rooftop coffee, you peek into the farms in Costa Rica, Colombia or Indonesia that played such a monumental role in shaping each bean. By ensuring that each bean can present it’s unique flavours alone, we build a link between the coffee drinker and the coffee farmer. So kick back with a cup of Rooftop’s single origin coffee, and enjoy the spiciness of an Indonesian, the chocolate-y goodness of a Colombian or the beautiful floral notes of an Ethiopian; our coffee will make sure you know where it’s from.

Single Origin, Single Speed.

"Hands down the best roaster out of Interior BC." 

-Clay Rickaby, owner of Empire Coffee in Nelson, BC.


Our Story 

 Coffee beans before being roasted

Coffee beans before being roasted

Our beautiful 5kg-capacity Toper roaster

Starting the day with great coffee was a small ritual in my family of foodies. My parents constantly sought out the most delicious beans for their morning cup, and when travelling abroad, the first step was always finding the best coffee shop in town. So it was natural that when I started drinking coffee, I was utterly amazed by the growing world of specialty coffee. With beans coming from all four corners of the world, each presenting their own distinct flavours and aromas, I quickly became obsessed with the intricacies of coffee. I realized that the coffee roaster brought out the unique flavours of each bean, and I was immediately set on becoming one. In early 2015, my parents and I bought a tiny electric machine, probably more similar to a popcorn popper than a coffee roaster. Learning mostly by trial and error, we started roasting coffee, 250 grams at a time, from the rooftop patio of our home in Fernie. The summer of 2015 was filled with coffee related travel. We scoured the Pacific Northwest, coastal BC and California for the best coffee roasters in North America, tasting their coffee and comparing it to our own. We even visited the coffee growing regions of Costa Rica when travelling there in November 2015. We amassed knowledge on all aspects of coffee, from growing to brewing, and perfected our craft. We started selling beans to friends and family, and the demand quickly exceeded the capabilities of our little home roasting machine. With my high school graduation approaching and our coffee getting more popular, my parents and I started considering taking up roasting as a full-time operation. My mother, Sarah, then located a beautiful commercial coffee roasting machine in Montreal. Soon the massive machine was set up and ready to roast in our new space in Fernie’s industrial park.

At the same time, one of my high school teachers, Dan Whillans, was in the process of opening The Valley Social, downtown Fernie’s newest coffee shop.  The timing of it all was impeccable, as we began supplying them with coffee on their opening day, less than a month after we roasted the first batch on our commercial machine.  This offered an amazing opportunity to work with another new local business and bring a unique element to Fernie's coffee culture.

Fernie has been an ideal place to grow a small business. As avid mountain bikers and skiers, it allows plenty of opportunities for much needed play in the mountains, but it has also provided a community that is enthusiastic about local business. People living in Fernie are here because they want to be, so they will grasp at any chance to make their town more vibrant and exciting. For example, going out and serving coffee at the Fernie Mountain Markets has been the most rewarding and beneficial experiences since we began roasting. It is one of the few opportunities we get to engage with the people drinking our coffee, and conversely, one of the few times our customers get to interact with the people selecting and roasting their coffee. The experience is mutually rewarding as we get to hear what our customers enjoy in their cup, and they get a deeper knowledge of where their coffee came from. That is Rooftop's true goal, to draw a link between the coffee farmer, the coffee roaster and the coffee drinker by highlighting what makes each coffee unique and delicious in it's own way. In the years to come, we hope we can provide the finest beans and get the local community excited about coffee as something more than just a morning fix. Of course, this is just the introduction to the bright future ahead of Rooftop. We are excited to see how the business will grow and where our passion for delicious coffee will take us next. 


Keegan Street - Head Roaster at Rooftop Coffee Roasters. 



SCA Certifications

All of our roasters were educated and trained in coffee roasting, coffee tasting and coffee buying at the International Barista and Coffee Academy in Tempe, AZ. At IBCA, our roasters received the following Specialty Coffee Association diplomas : 

-Foundations of Coffee

-Coffee Roasting Level 1 and 2

-Coffee Tasting/Sensory Level 1 and 2

-Green Coffee Buying Level 1 and 2

Gaining this knowledge of the science behind a delicious cup of coffee was invaluable in our progression as roasters. Our experience at IBCA gave us the tools and knowledge to bring the highest quality coffee to the Elk Valley, and we hope you noticed!