Honduran La Paz

Honduran La Paz

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La Paz

Tasting Notes: Rich dark chocolate, Syrupy body, Hint of orange

Processing: Fully washed

Varieties: Bourbon, Catuai

Altitude: 3900-5200 ft.

Description: We were so excited when we first tasted this delicious coffee from La Paz. It has the perfect balance between syrupy, dark chocolate undertones and a sweet, orange aroma. Don’t let the mention of citrus scare you! This coffee simply has the juicy sweetness of an orange, but not it’s mouth-puckering acidity. As a shot of espresso or black cup of coffee, this coffee tastes like a chocolate orange. Paired with milk, the dark chocolate notes pair perfectly to make a rich and delicious cup. Brew it however you like, this Honduran will surely brighten your morning.

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