Ugandan Organic

Ugandan Organic

from 13.35

Zombo District

Tasting Notes: Notes of pear & cranberry, Long sweet finish

Processing: Fully washed and sun dried on raised beds

Varieties: SL14

Altitude: 4500-5400 ft.

Description: This coffee is entirely made up of the SL14 varietal, native to Kenya, but was grown in the relatively lower region of Uganda. This gives the perfect balance between bright juiciness, a smooth, rich body and clean, more muted acidity. Basically, if you took a wild, insanely fruity, “mouth-bomb” Kenyan coffee and tamed it down, you would be left with this delicious organic coffee. This makes it the perfect coffee for those who want to venture into more exotic flavours, without diving headfirst into the most outlandish acidities and aromas. Best prepared as drip, the fruity flavours of pear and cranberry are firmly anchored by milk chocolate undertones and a syrupy body.

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