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BEATS & BEANS is our tribute to delicious coffee and great Canadian art. In each coffee and music box sets, we’ll be diving into an independent Canadian record label, one band at a time. Pairing each album to a bag of beans, we’re highlighting the hard work that goes into two things we can’t live without: coffee and music.


VOL. 1 Issue 2.

“Psychic Knots” by Britt A.M x Costa Rica Esperanza

The second release of BEATS & BEANS release feature’s Britt A.M’s latest album, Psychic Knots, and a sweet, vibrant coffee from Costa Rica.

Along with her solo act, Britt is also a member of Crones (our featured album for Issue 1) and Children of the Wave. She’s also worked tirelessly to grow the music scene of Northern BC through projects like Good Egg Records, and Girls Rock Camp North, a camp aimed at empowering girls through music and songwriting.

Marrying a punk rock sense of urgency to melodic protest songs, Psychic Knots captures Britt A.M. in the midst of an artistic rebirth. From the New Wave power-pop of "This is It" and the Pixies-informed, harder-edged "Chicken Suit" to the loping, cyclical intensity of "Mirrors", Psychic Knots covers a wide array of both emotion and musical genre. The immediacy and intensity of the music on Psychic Knots is matched by the biting lyrical insight that Britt A.M. brings to topics including empowerment, gendered oppression and the exhaustion of living under late stage capitalism.


 VOlume 1: Good Egg Records


Our first volume of BEATS & BEANS features Good Egg Records, based in Prince George, BC. In my two years living in Prince George, I was continuously stunned by the diverse and talented music scene in the small city. Almost every weekend, a local band or artist was performing a set at the Legion (affectionately named ‘the Peeg Leeg’). Good Egg has harnessed that tight-knit DIY music culture of the North into a collection of amazing albums.

We can’t wait to feature some of those albums with you over the next few months.

Sales start July 1. Don’t sleep on it.




We team up with a Canadian record label

Each volume of BEATS n’ BEANS will feature a different record label based in Canada.

We Pick an album

From that record labels discography, we pick a different album every month

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GER Logo Big.jpg

We pair that album with a coffee

We try to pick one of our newest coffees that will best compliment the sound of the featured artists.

you get the beats and the beans on your doorstep.

We put the CD, some band merch (stickers, pins etc.), a bag of coffee, and a couple mini-zines giving you the insider info on the artist and the coffee. Think of it as MTV’s Behind the Music, but only independent Canadian artists. And also really tasty coffee.