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Rooftop Gives back





At Rooftop we want to give back to the regions and countries our coffees come from. We're passionate about forming relationships and seek to work with people effecting positive changes in their communities. That's why we donate $1.00 of every pound of our Peruvian beans to CIMA, Centro de Integración de Menores en Abandono, a centre for abandoned boys near Lima, Peru. Our donation goes directly to the home, and is used wherever needed. The funds have gone towards large projects such as renovating the kitchen or building a chicken coup, as well as smaller, everyday expenses like books, food, or medicine. 

This cause is very dear to our hearts as two of our founders have had the opportunity to travel to Peru to live and work at the home. The experience of visiting CIMA and the friendships formed with the boys (some of which are ongoing thanks to the Internet), are the inspiration behind this first initiative. After witnessing it firsthand, we knew we had to contribute to the incredibly inspiring work CIMA is doing for their community.

Although we can't personally visit CIMA on a regular basis,  our local school, The Fernie Academy, continues to travel to Peru with the Grade 10 class every year. They've formed strong, lasting bonds with the inspiring faculty, educators, directors, and boys at CIMA.  They now bring the annual contributions from Coffee for A Cause with them, and form a link between us and this amazing community. 

Check our newsletter for updates on our contributions to CIMA and hear about the experiences from the Grade 10 students who volunteer on these projects.