We’re always looking for ways in which we can reduce the amount of waste we produce. That’s why we’re introducing a reusable container program for Fernie locals - we want people in our community to enjoy delicious coffee, free of waste.

how it works

  1. First, the jars - Right next to these instructions you’ll see where you can buy your jars. The price includes 4 jars, and whichever coffees two of them will be filled with (the other 2 will stay at our roasterie, we’ll explain that in a bit…).

  2. Enjoy the coffee. The best part - brew it all until it’s gone.

  3. Order by Sunday! Order coffee on our website as you usually would, except select the “I have a jar” option at checkout.

  4. Tuesday deliver/jar swap. Leave your empty jars on your front doorstep. We’ll come by and pick up the empties and swap them out for filled ones, milk-man style.

  5. Repeat!

(This is available for Fernie residents ONLY, sorry for any inconvenience)