Beats & Beans - VOL.1 ISSUE2: Costa Rica Esperanza x "Psychic Knots" by Britt A.M.

Beats & Beans - VOL.1 ISSUE2: Costa Rica Esperanza x "Psychic Knots" by Britt A.M.


The second issue of Beats & Beans features Britt A.M’s newest album, “Psychic Knots”! In this box, you’ll be getting one 340g bag of coffee, the Britt A.M CD, a Rooftop sticker, a Britt A.M sticker, and two “baseball cards” with info all about the artist and the coffee.

About the album

Marrying a punk rock sense of urgency to melodic protest songs, Psychic Knots captures Britt A.M. in the midst of an artistic rebirth. From the New Wave power-pop of "This is It" and the Pixies-informed, harder-edged "Chicken Suit" to the loping, cyclical intensity of "Mirrors", Psychic Knots covers a wide array of both emotion and musical genre. The immediacy and intensity of the music on Psychic Knots is matched by the biting lyrical insight that Britt A.M. brings to topics including empowerment, gendered oppression and the exhaustion of living under late stage capitalism. All the things that fans love about Britt A.M.'s music are amplified and embellished on Psychic Knots. The combination of Britt A.M.'s songs with full band arrangements and professional studio production has culminated in an album full of anthems that testify to the hope that lies within impossible situations and to the new beginnings that can only spring from the strength we find within ourselves.

About the artist

Britt is a tour de force in Northern BC’s music scene. Performing under her solo act, with Crones, AND with Children of the Wave (PG’s best Black Sabbath surf rock cover band), there’s a good chance Britt will be on stage on any given night in Prince George. Spearheading projects like Good Egg Records and Girls Rock Camp North, Britt is also a champion for promoting music and songwriting in North BC.

About the beans

Accompanying this record is our Costa Rica Esperanza Red Honey from Aquiares Estate - a deliciously sweet coffee with notes of pineapple, citrus and cream soda. Esperanza is a coffee variety that was developed at Aquiares Estate with the goal of producing a delicious coffee that can withstand the effects of climate change. The cream soda vibes will pair excellently with the rock n’ roll sound on the album. Both Aquiares Estate and Britt are leading some really amazing projects right now, one promoting sustainable agriculture and the other spreading music, and empowering girls through rock camps in the North. We couldn’t be more proud to rep them both this month. Enjoy!

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