Beats & Beans - VOL. 1 ISSUE 1 : Burundi Yandaro x "Aghast" by Crones

Beats & Beans - VOL. 1 ISSUE 1 : Burundi Yandaro x "Aghast" by Crones


The very first edition of Beats & Beans will be featuring Crones and their latest album 'Aghast'. Good Egg Records was also so generous to toss in “Scrambled Eggs”, a compilation album of their artists, for this first release! In all, you’ll be getting one 340g bag of coffee, the Crones CD, the Scrambled Eggs CD, a Crones sticker, and a Good Egg sticker (wow!)

Recorded in their hometown of Prince George, BC in a marathon two day session, Crones crafted an album of hooky alt-rock tracks that seek to confront and comfort. Aghast is Crones' questioning stare into the abyss of Western consumerism, while never taking themselves too seriously. They've harnessed their buzzing live energy on this record, and bring the boot-stompin', hip-shakin', shout-along vibe to your ears.

Accompanying this record is our Burundi Yandaro - a comforting chocolatey coffee with a little twist of black tea and fruit in the finish. One of our favourites right now, it will pair excellently with the uptempo energy on Aghast.

Beats & Beans is our tribute to Canadian art, and our return to physical albums released by independent labels. The first “volume” of Beats & Beans is a partnership with Good Egg Records based in Prince George, BC. Over the coming months we’ll continue delving into Good Egg’s discography, featuring a new artist every month. Wait for it.

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