Brazil Hudson Vilela

Brazil Hudson Vilela

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Ilicinea, South Minas Gerais

Tasting Notes: Maraschino Cherry, Cream, Honey, Floral

Processing: Natural

Certifications: 2019 Harvest

Varieties: Topazio

Altitude: 1340m

Grown at an altitude of up to 1340m, Hudson and his wife Valdeci’s coffee cherries ripen later than most in Brazil. The result is a vibrant cup with unique flavours of cherry and strawberry and a creamy body. This naturally processed coffee is one of the most exciting Brazilian coffees we’ve tasted - creamy, sweet and fruity.

Being the world’s largest coffee producer, Brazil is largely regarded as only producing cheap, commercial-grade coffee. Hudson and his wife Valdeci both grew up in coffee – Hudson being the member of a 4-generation coffee farming family, and Valdeci having worked at a large commercial farm. Both of them also had a dream to produce specialty coffee in the mountains of Brazil. This dream led them to purchasing the high-altitude property that is now their farm, Fazenda Alto da Serra. At 1340m, their farm has unique growing conditions compared to most low-lying Brazilian farms. Due to high winds, Hudson has planted numerous shade trees to protect his plants. The shade and the altitude both cause their coffee cherries to mature more slowly, creating a more complex cup and deeper sweetness than we’re used to tasting from Brazil.

To harvest their cherries, Hudson and Valdeci’s pickers use a BRIX refractometer that measures the sugar content in the fruit, so they can be picked at the perfect time.

This coffee is a naturally processed lot of Topazio, a cultivar that was developed in Brazil in the 1960s and is perfectly suited to the climate of South Minas. Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders purchased this coffee directly from the Vilelas and paid them a fixed price reflective of quality and cost of production. This pricing structure is separate from the commodities market, offering higher prices and better financial stability to producers.

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