Colombia Adrian Porras

Colombia Adrian Porras

from 18.25

Jerico, Antioquia

Tasting Notes: Strawberry, Lemonade, Brown Sugar, Baker’s Chocolate

Processing: Washed

Certifications: 2019 Harvest

Varieties: Castillo & Dos Mil

Altitude: 1900m

Adrian Porras’ farm, Finca El Balcon, is located at 1900m in the mountains surrounding Jerico, Colombia. His pickers are paid a premium to pick only the ripest cherries, which are then washed for 13-15 hours before drying. This mixed lot of Dos Mil and Castillo varietals has the classic rich body of Colombian coffees, with a unique fruity twist with the strawberry and citrusy notes.

Adrian’s coffee was exported by Campesino Coffee in Medellin, Colombia, and was imported by Bodhi Leaf Coffee Traders in California, before getting to us in Fernie!
80% of all the Colombian coffees we buy are exported by Campesino Coffee, partly because the coffees are always delicious, but mostly due to their business values and pricing model. Campesino works mainly in two regions of Colombia, Quindio and Antioquia, and dedicates large purchasing volumes to small towns by buying from multiple producers in these communities. Their pricing is reflective only of quality and cost of production. The “base price” they pay their producing partners is based on the cost of production in that community and is fixed independently of the commodities market. Premiums are added onto that base price for quality and sustainable farming methods. This covers the additional investment and labour on the farmer’s end and gives an incentive to produce delicious coffee! It’s a win-win.

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