Costa Rica Aquiares Estate - Red Honey Esperanza

Costa Rica Aquiares Estate - Red Honey Esperanza

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Cartago Province

Tasting Notes: Cream Soda, Pineapple, Citrus

Processing: Red Honey

Varieties: Esperanza (F1 Hybrid of Sarchimor T5296 and Etiope 25)

Altitude: 1300m


A coffee variety designed by Aquiares to resist the changing climate.

Aquiares Estate is Costa Rica’s largest coffee farm, and has been dedicated to advancing the standard for environmental sustainability in coffee agriculture. Working with organizations like World Coffee Research, CATIE University in Costa Rica, and CIRAD Institute in France, Aquiares, the farm has been the site for numerous studies. For example, the current research into the farm’s carbon balance can be used to create models to evaluate the carbon sequestering potential of farms around the world! By planting over 50 000 shade trees in the last decade, Aquiares has created a diverse ecosystem on the plantation, which has built the soil health and biodiversity of the farm.

This coffee in particular has a very interesting back story. Climate change poses a significant threat to coffee agriculture, as increased droughts and pest outbreaks can decimate coffee plant yields. The past decades of research have led to hybrid coffee varieties designed to resist climate change. Aquiares Estate actually has a 'Varieties Garden’, a small plot where they test the pest resistance, drought resistance, and flavour quality of varieties that they have hybridized on their farm! Esperanza is the result of hybridizing Sarchimor T5296 (a pest resistant variety from Latin America) and Etiope 25 (a flavourful variety from Ethiopia). Esperanza, the Spanish word for ‘hope’, is a symbol of Aquiares’ hope to combat climate change and to preserve coffee agriculture for future. Also, it’s pretty dang delicious! The ‘red honey’ process means the coffee fruit is left on the beans for longer, leading to a rich, cream-soda sweetness, with clean bright notes of pineapple and citrus.

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