Ethiopia Mesele Haile

Ethiopia Mesele Haile

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Tasting Notes: Apricot, Cherry, Honeyed and Floral Finish

Processing: Washed

Certifications: Grade 1

Varieties: Ethiopian Heirloom

Altitude: 1940 m

Description: This coffee is particularly unique due to its traceability. Historically, information regarding the provenance of coffees from Ethiopia has been very murky. Almost all coffee exports moved through the Ethiopia Commodities Exchange, and as a result the most detailed information available was the region or town the coffee was processed in. Legislation passed in March 2017 has made it easier for buyers to trade directly with cooperatives or farms, greatly increasing the traceability of Ethiopian coffee. 2018 is the first year that fully-traceable coffees are available from Yirgacheffe, and this coffee from Mesele Haile is part of that first wave of single-farm lots. Thanks to Apex Coffee Imports who sourced it, we were able to get our hands on some of this outstanding coffee. This coffee is fully washed – fermented in tanks for 36 hours, then dried for 10-14 days on raised African beds. Mesele also only uses natural fertilizers to limit the amount of harmful chemicals on his plantation. Mesele’s coffee is crisp, and complex. Tart notes of apricot marmalade and red cherries lead into a long finish with honeyed and floral aromas.

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