Ethiopia Mesele Haile

Ethiopia Mesele Haile

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Tasting Notes: Apricot, Cherry, Honey and floral finish

Processing: Washed

Certifications: Grade 1

Varieties: Ethiopian heirloom varieties

Altitude: 1940m

This Yirgacheffe presents a richer body and sweetness than your typical coffee from this region. A tart apricot and sweet cherry note are complimented by a honeyed body. Floral aromas in the finish are a subtle hint at the classic tea-like, bergamot qualities of coffees from this region.

Furthermore, this coffee is unique due to traceability. Historically, information refarding the provenance of Ethiopian coffees has been murky, as almost all coffee exports moved through the Ethiopia Commodities Exchange. Legislation passed in March 2017 has made it easier for buyers to trade directly with cooperatives and farms. This coffee is part of the first wave of fully-traceable, single farm lots from Yirgacheffe, and it’s a delightful one at that.

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