Ethiopia Mokonisa

Ethiopia Mokonisa

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Kerrecha, Guji

Tasting Notes: Wild berries, brandy, syrupy body

Processing: Natural

Certifications: Direct Trade, Grade 1, Current Harvest

Varieties: Ethiopian Heirloom

Altitude: 2000 m

Description: This coffee comes from the Mokonisa washing station in the Guji region of Ethiopia. The station is owned by Israel Defga, and processes coffee from various smallholders in the area. Apex Coffee Imports (who sourced this coffee) just started working with Defga as a producer. Defga recently shifted his focus away from volume, and towards elevating the quality of coffee coming from Mokonisa and his 12 other washing stations. This naturally processed coffee was dried in two stages (the first was in single layers, and the second in multiple layers with frequent turning) over 18 days. For a natural, we were impressed with the clean flavour and acidity, while maintaining the syrupy, fruity quality we expect from this processing method.

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