Infiltration Blend

Infiltration Blend

from 18.25

South and Central American

Tasting Notes: Chocolatey & Smokey

Processing: N/A

Varieties: Nicaragua, Brazil, Peru

Altitude: 3000-5000 ft.

Description: If you want a coffee that’s deep, dark and mysterious, look no further. Expect decadent dark chocolate notes and a hint of smokiness, making for a smooth and rich cup of coffee. However, don’t let these dark flavours deceive you, this coffee is still roasted medium. We’ve carefully selected each coffee to present the dark flavours you love, but roasted it to a medium to cut out the nasty bitterness. You won’t believe your taste buds. Delicious as drip or espresso – no matter how you brew it, it will be like dark chocolate in your cup. Let this blend infiltrate your morning, it won’t disappoint.

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