Kapow Blend

Kapow Blend

from 17.50

South and Central American

Tasting Notes: Dried apple sweetness, Chocolate & nut undertones, Long sweet finish

Processing: Dry processed and hand sorted

Varieties: Peruvian, Honduran, Guatemalan, Santa Clara

Altitude: above 3900 ft.

Description: Kapow! This blend is ideal for those looking for an espresso on the wilder side. Flavours of dried apple and orange will dance around your palette. However, with a strong backbone of nutty notes, these lighter flavours won’t run off on you. This makes for a bright but balanced cup, keeping that fruitiness anchored in a sweet, syrupy body. Wild enough to be exciting, but tame enough to drink it everyday. This coffee is the perfect explosion of flavour to kick your morning into gear.

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