Jairo's Gesha & Sebastian's Pink Bourbon // Armenia, Colombia

Jairo's Gesha & Sebastian's Pink Bourbon // Armenia, Colombia


A 100g jar of Don Jairo’s Gesha and a 100g jar of Don Sebastian’s Pink Bourbon, all in one delightful box of coffee rarities (…plus no shipping). Limited quantities available.

Producers: Don Jairo, Finca Castellon (Gesha). Don Sebastian, Finca Divisa (Pink Bourbon)

Municipality: Both grown near Armenia, Colombia.

Tasting Notes: The Gesha is full of florals - coffee blossom, rose, sweet. Pink Bourbon is citrusy and juicy - grapefruit, Fruity Pebbles, zippy and complex

Processing: Both are fully wshed

Altitude: 1700m

Grown just kilometres apart, these two coffees highlight the wildly different flavours offered up by Gesha and Pink Bourbon. This mini coffee flight is a dive into the wonderful world of coffee varieties - where growing conditions and terroir are almost identical and we can narrow in on the different coffee plants.

Rare cultivars like Gesha and Pink Bourbon are a joy for the coffee nerd. With fruity and exotic flavours like grapefruit, coffee blossom and Fruit Loops, they can really bend your mind. But for farmers like Don Jairo and Don Sebastian in Armenia, Colombia, these fancy, top-shelf (and hard to grow) varieties can be a useful tool to combat low coffee prices. By growing cultivars like Gesha and Pink Bourbon, these two producers have differentiated themselves and fetch higher prices. While not all producers should uproot their Castillo or Caturra for these rarities (dear green buyer: don’t expect producers to grow Gesha just ‘cause you want something that tastes like candy), it’s glorious when adventurous farmers take the leap and grow something truly unique.

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