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This is a very versatile and portable brewing method. It's our brewer of choice when we go ski-touring or camping. It fits perfectly into a backpack, and brews a small, delicious cup of coffee. 

Supplies: coffee, goose neck kettle, timer, filters, aeropress and a long spoon

Ratio :  16g of coffee to 225g of water

Total brewing time: 1:30 min.



  1. Bring water to a boil and measure 16g of coffee. 
  2. Grind the coffee finer than drip, but slightly coarser than espresso. For example, the 9 setting on a Barazta Encore. 
  3. Assemble your Aeropress and wet the filter with hot water. Warm up what you will be brewing into with hot water. 
  4. Pour the grounds into the Aeropress. 
  5. Place the Aeropress and your brewing vessel on the scale. Zero the scale and the timer.
  6. Start the timer and pour about 80g of water onto the coffee grounds. Gently stir the wet grounds. Be careful not to move the filter while stirring, or you'll have a mess of grounds in your mug.
  7. Pour the remaining 145g of water into the Aeropress, the scale should indicate you've poured 225g of water in total. Gently stir the coffee from left to right, without swirling the liquid.
  8. Place the plunger into the chamber, and quickly pull up. The goal is to make a vacuum seal to stop the water from flowing out the bottom. 
  9. Carefully take the cup and Aeropress off the scale
  10. At 60 seconds, gently plunge for 25 seconds. Total brewing time should be around 1:30.
  11.  Enjoy!