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This is how we brew our first cup in the morning, and how we prepare coffee for tasting events. We feel it best demonstrates the coffee's character by clearly showing its acidity, sweetness, and inherent flavours. Sometimes simplest is best!

Supplies: Coffee, filters, V60 brewer, scale, timer, spoon, goose neck kettle

Total brewing time: 2.5 to 3 min

Ratio of coffee to water, in grams : 1:17  

(in this example, 20g of coffee and 340g of water)


    1. Bring water to a boil, and measure 20 grams of coffee
    2. Grind the coffee. It should be a medium grind. For example, the 20 setting on a Baratza Encore grinder. 
    3. Put the filter in the brewer and wet it with hot water. While you're at it, pour hot water into your mug to get nice and warm for your coffee. 
    4. Add the coffee to the filter. Tap the sides of the brewer to flatten the bed of grounds.
    5. Zero your scale and timer
    6. Start your timer and begin the bloom. Gently add 60g of water and lightly stir the wet coffee grounds. The goal is to fully saturate the grounds without letting too much water pass through.
    7. After 30-45 seconds, start your first pour. Add 140g of water, or until the water is 3/4 of the way up the brewer. Pour in concentric circles. The scale should indicate that you've poured 200g of water so far.
    8. At 1:25, start your second pour. Add 100g of water, or until the water is 3/4 of the way up the brewer. Once again, pour gently in concentric circles.
    9. At 1:55, start the last pour. Add 40-50g of water, and gently stir the slurry with the spoon. The goal is to scrape off the grounds clinging to the filter, without disturbing the coffee bed. 
    10. The total brew time should be around 2:50-3:00. 
    11. Don't let all the water drip all the way through! Remove the brewer swiftly before the last of the water passes through. 
    12. Pour yourself a mug and enjoy!