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Chemex' are great for sharing coffee with friends, as they come in a wide range of sizes. A Chemex will yield a sweet, full-bodied, and elegant coffee. 

Supplies: 6-cup Chemex, goose neck kettle, coffee, filters, filtered water, scale, timer

Ratio:  45g of coffee to 700g water

Total brewing time: 4 min



  1. Bring water to a boil. Measure 45g of coffee and grind it slightly coarser than for regular drip. For example, a 24 setting on a Baratza Encore.
  2. Place the filter in the Chemex and pour some hot water to wet the filter and warm up the brewer. Carefully discard the hot water
  3. Add the grinds to the filter.
  4. Start the timer and begin the bloom. Pour 100g of water and gently stir the wet grounds with the spoon. The goal is to saturate the grounds in water. 
  5. Begin the first pour at around 45 seconds. Pour 300g of water in a circular pattern. The scale should indicate you've poured 400g of water so far.
  6. Begin the second pour at 2:30. Pour 300g of water, and make sure the water level doesn't go higher than it did before.  
  7. Gently stir the grounds, scraping off the grounds clinging to the filter without disturbing the coffee bed. The scale should indicate you've poured 700g of water in total.
  8. The total brewing time should be around 4:30. 
  9. The brewing should end by 4:30.
  10. Discard the filter and grounds.
  11. Give it a nice swirl to impress the people around you. 
  12. Share it with friends/family/coworkers, and enjoy!