'Brown Sugar' by D'angelo and the Organic Peru Norte

For this week's BEATS 'n BEANS : a simple shot of espresso of our Peruvian coffee and the album 'Brown Sugar' by D'angelo. 

This organic coffee has a rich, chocolate-y body with some nutty and spicy flavours. As espresso, it's maple syrupy sweetness was brought out the most.

That's why we paired it up with the album 'Brown Sugar'  because that's exactly what it tastes like. Not to mention the fact that D'angelo serves up a groovy mix of hip hop and R&B in his debut album. D'angelo's voice, ranging from a sweet falsetto to buttery smooth low notes, backed by the funkiest drum beats make for a fun listening experience. Modern-day Marvin Gaye anyone?  Make your day a little sweeter with this killer duo. …oh yeah and $1 off the Peruvian coffee goes to CIMA.. so that's pretty sweet too. 

Keegan StreetComment