'La rebelion' by Joe Arroyo & Colombian Huila Supremo

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For this week's BEATS n' BEANS we're pairing two great Colombians : Joe Arroyo's "La Rebelion" and our Colombian Huila Tarqui Excelso on Chemex.

Joe Arroyo was a pioneer of Colombian salsa music. Though the music originates from the island of Puerto Rico, Arroyo was one of the first to bring it to Colombia and helped create Colombia's unique sound.

Although we typically enjoy our Colombian as espresso, however as Chemex, it presented rich flavours of dark chocolate and caramel.

For anyone who is likes for a strong coffee to start their day, we recommend this bold Colombian...and for anyone looking for some lively Latin beats to kick off the morning, here's a sweet track from another bold Colombian:  'La rebelion' by Joe Arroyo.

Enjoy and happy listening!


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