'Cymande' by Cymande & Costa Rican Terrazu

For this week's BEATS n' BEANS we have 'Cymande' by Cymande and our Costa Rican Terrazu brewed on a ceramic dripper.


Cymande - Bra

This is an easy-listening album of funk and soul tunes backed Afro-beat style percussion. By mixing soul with African rhythms, Cymande puts an interesting spin on the classic 70s R&B sound. Our favourite tracks were 'Listen', 'Bra' and 'Zion I'. 

Our Costa Rican offers the classic smooth and chocolate-y flavours you look for in a good coffee, but with a slight twist. This coffee offers sweet and juicy flavours of pineapple, making for a smooth and flavourful cup of drip coffee. 

Check out the funky beats of Cymande while drinking a cup of our Costa Rican, and enjoy a unique variation on your favourite tunes and tastes.  

Enjoy and happy listening!


Keegan StreetComment